Event roles & Logistics

Your TFN Partnerships & Events Manager will set up weekly meetings in the lead up to your event. These calls are designed to keep the event progress moving (following the timelines in your Event Workflow) and to offer support and TFN best practices based on our experience.

On event day, there are several key roles:

  • Presenters: They will present their 5 minute pitch and then participate in a Q&A, and are invited back at the end of the event to say thank you (in the same order they presented)

  • Other speakers: We recommend no more than one other speaker (perhaps someone from your organisation to do a short welcome)

  • MC: Leads the entire event, including the pledging. TFN creates the MC script for your approval

  • Advocates: You will need to source one Advocate per program who will make a short (60 secs) speech and make a pledge of $300+ to start the pledging for that program. See Advocate's Guide below for more details

  • TFN Event Manager: Runs the Crowdcast platform and the PowerPoint presentation (controlling what the audience sees). See below "Presentation Example" that we will create for you based on your logo/colour scheme

  • Client: Your team will be responsible for managing the chat component of Crowdcast (see "Chat Room Guide" below) as well as gathering and announcing proxy pledges from guests who are unable to attend

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